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Of course the marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the writer’s head, as the reality of the relationship-drag of touring the world takes its toll.

Nadal has never said he’s gay, and has been dating his girlfriend, Xisca Perelló, since 2015.

But Xisca has attempted to keep a low profile, she “doesn’t want to be a distraction.” So who is Maria Francisca Perello?

Perhaps the woman to make tiny little tennis stars with super talented Rafa?

A new play recently ran Off-Off-Broadway featuring tennis star Rafael Nadal in a same-sex marriage.

She currently serves as the director of the Rafael Nadal Foundation, the charity organization founded by the tennis pro in 2008.SHE may be the girlfriend of one of the most high profile sportsmen in the world, but Xisca Perello has done a very good job of staying out of the spotlight.The 23-year-old appears to be the polar opposite of a kept woman, as her decision to study in London rather than rely on Rafa Nadal’s millions appears to show.Now that the Spaniard has booked a fourth round clash with his long time rival, Roger Federer at the Indian Wells Masters tournament, we’re sure Perello will be cheering for him in the stands.Find out more about Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend in Xisca Perello’s wiki, right here.

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