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Two Eric’s coming to grips with the Sookie’s that have been dropped into their lives.

This story will be a multi chapter story, but still, a short one. but what would Eric be like if he lost her without having Sookie to help him cope?

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Who knows who could have happened if the Stackhouse hadn’t been struggling since Adele took her grandchildren in.

After a few months of being spoiled by the mysteriously sweet blood of his bar back, Eric is greedy for more and explores her family tree, calling her cousin… Erik finds more than he bargained for when he visited Bon Temps on a whim.

*** **IN PROGRESS** This story takes place in the fall of 2001, while Vampires are still planning the Great Revelation…

*** Starts as a skip in BTD (chapters 35- 37) at the very beginning of September…

This story takes place as though the events of Dead Until Dark happened…

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