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However, with the years 1972-4, this has proven a difficult task.1972 has been the hardest of all- solid definitive info on gig dates for this year is very hard to come by - even the Alice dates are open to much debate and trying to firm out this schedule is very frustrating, so please chip in if you know anything.I gave myself an even more specific goal of finding something to talk about during each conversation.Sometimes that meant talking about a shared hobby of running or my desire to learn how to play golf (which many of the firm representatives already enjoy playing).The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Fall and Spring Academic Year 2017-18 undergraduate research grant proposals.Follow These 3 Easy Steps: STEP ONE: Read over all the information found at on the Fall and Spring …read more.Addition of Creative Works to the Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium The spring undergraduate research symposium will provide those with creative or visual projects to display those works during the event.

Village Homepage About Honors and Scholars Villages How to Apply Honors Village Benefits and Expectations HV Enrichment Grant Honors Village Fellowship Awards and Accolades Scholar In Residence Scholars Village Benefits and Expectations Awards and Accolades Frequently Asked Questions Scholar-In-Residence Life in these villages centers around a wide range of social, cultural and educational activities, all designed to help students become informed citizens, ethical leaders and active contributors to our campus and community.

PLEASE NOTE: All summer grants are paid directly to the students and will NOT be sent to mentors.

Participants in formal undergraduate research programs at NC State University are welcome to participate as well.

This includes the upload Proposal Form (same for both ACC and OUR Grants) for the individual or team, online Budget Form for the individual or team, and mentor recommendation uploaded by the mentor.

The system will only allow you to submit once all other items on list are checked off, including your mentors letter of recommendation.

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