Shaved head intimidating

Because the hair on top of this look is long enough to style in curls or waves, you’ll get plenty of longevity out of this look.With hair that ever so slightly tapers in length at the back and sides, this buzz cut looks simple and clean.If you’ve already loved what a short pixie haircut does for your face shape, this super feminine shaved style just takes things a little bit shorter.Between the cut and the color, this gorgeous shaved style looks like it was ripped from the pages of a fashion magazine.Hair tattoos offer up a huge opportunity to be creative with a shaved hairstyle.Lotus flowers and simple lines are among the most popular, but this geometric style takes things to the next level, incorporating tons of texture within its pattern.If you’re worried about this color not matching your complexion, don’t worry: there’s a shade of pink to go with every skin tone.

Fading at the sides makes this shaved style look pristine instead of DIY, while a subtle razor part helps to add some definition between the two sections in this style.

Braids like this can be difficult with shorter hair, as little pieces tend to slip out as you go.

Don’t be afraid to use plenty of product, and braid hair when it’s still damp, which will give you more grip than if you’re working with bone dry strands.

Kristen Stewart is one of the many babes who have jumped on the buzz cut wagon.

Her platinum, slightly grown-out style offers up an incredible contrast against super smoky eye makeup, but will look equally cute with dewey makeup and a sun dress.

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