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He claimed he had been sent there to work on a 'virus'.

Jennings, his common law wife who has a history of mental illness, told police her husband had been in Massachusetts for the past week for a job interview and that he went home to get her and their stash of weapons then went back. AK-47 rifle AR-15 with grenade launcher 40mm (bump stock) and silencer Farsi 308 Federal Arms Corp22cal Rifle A-11 HK pistol (in the car) 9mm Vektor and two large capacity magazines containing 17 rounds .45 caliber Revolver with six rounds in the gun and additional two speed loaders, each containing six bullets Shotgun loaded with six shotgun shells and with five shells Armory rifle with three loaded large capacity magazines (30 rounds)Three smoke grenades Two flare guns Eight loaded large capacity magazines (80 rounds) A tactical vest containing four loaded large capacity caliber magazines and five loaded large capacity magazines.45 caliber large capacity magazine (in the car) Silencer One .223 large capacity magazine Another vest which contained two loaded large capacity 7.62 magazines.308 caliber 54 rounds7.62mm 20 rounds black box7.62mm 20 rounds orange box.308 caliber 20 rounds 2 miscellaneous firearms accessories Six laptops A Cloud external hard drive Dell external driver Cyber sniper recorder and two memory cards in a pocket book Birth certificate, concealed license badge, texas license to carry, social security card, passport, a press pass, DOD concealed carry badge Three parking tickets Four cell phones Eight thumb drives Black notebook 10 firing canisters small black ledger for a firearm The officers who arrested the pair said they both changed their stories several times and had difficulty grasping reality. He also claimed to have worked on the Obama campaign and for the German government.

He did not have a Massachusetts license, however, and had no military or police ID cards on him but said the weapons were part of his 'mission'.Police then found a fully loaded revolver in the drawer which Bradley said was his hiding place.In the second drawer, they found hand-held radios and other 'electronic devices', the report says.Embracing an ownership mindset, Eurest leverages global resources, promotes a local presence and enriches the communities we serve.The Eurest Promise, “connect with people, inspire through food, create solutions, and live our promise,” is exemplified throughout our organization.

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