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..lots of good Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-Scotch stock...

Well, we still have that good, old-fashioned quaint plumbing...

No, when will it be convenient for you to have me move in? It'd be silly for you to go to a hotel, "monsieur".

John, can't you stop being a lawyer for just one night in the week?

in the attractive resort town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire. Hofsteader said that you're going to be staying all summer. "Monsieur", if what you're needing is peace and quiet... I can assure you, you couldn't get more peace anywhere.

It's what you might call a studio, well, you know, a semi-studio affair.

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I never found a guy who'd sort of pull a gun on me when he lost a game.'s not really who wins, it's how you play, like the champs. "Because you took advantage..." It's getting a bit repetitious, isn't it? Why don't you and I sort of settle this like two civilized people... "The moon was blue, and so are you, and I tonight... If you're trying to scare me, you did a pretty swell job already.

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