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It was the first one written and is the basis for the Multi Verse.One commonly asked question is regarding what order to read the stories in…but she soon learns a few things that help her make some changes in her life. The seasonal flood that caused the loss of Sookie and Jason’s parents killed someone else instead and things went much differently for Sookie. Unfortunately, how she plans to straighten out her life doesn’t make anyone happy.Once everyone settles down from the shock of their encounter, it’s time for questions to be answered and lies to be revealed… This isn’t the same version mentioned/met in Shitheel. What if Eric served out his contract as Sheriff of Area 5 and moved on instead of renewing…*** This story begins in January of 2002, just a few short months before The Great Revelation.How could things have gone if Eric retired and went to Europe without Pam, but was still on good terms with her?How could Sookie’s childhood have been if she’d been raised with a different family dynamic?Elements from Euro Pass, In The Dark, and Alpha combine to make a very unique Verse.

After discovering the Julie was carrying Brandon, Corbett says goodbye to his hostile wife and starts over. What happened to Sookie while she was being raised in Monroe with the mother who, as standard, resented Sookie and her gift?

In his search for Sookie he finds Sookie, but not the Sookie he was looking for.

This Sookie was recently brutalized by Rene Lanier and belongs to Creepy Compton… Post Club Dead, after Sookie uninvites Eric and Bill she has some time to think.

The Eric and Sookie from Bored To Death were lucky enough to avoid a lot of grief…

but what would have happened if Eric and Sookie met when she was just 18?

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