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••• •:: "on the land." Sorn L' tf the women in the bush an' Elving under condui DDs which tho olty airim dwellers would, nnr toturate Wlwin a &i W Is tr Cl^cted, a lem- pnracy make-shift homi! but year follow* jrcar and nothing is attereo" IT ever the Rood work of hous- ing the slum -dwellers properly cumcu Lo fruktlan.

women ot Australia re- gftrdltig hrnm Uie pruhk'md in Ehim oread could be enlarged upon, by taking tn the hame A of .

it will mince any slight FEVER — moreover ., single dose soon slop* a blceri- iii-turiiing -M(;ht-(;ou(;h. Lf the kidneys become Inflamed and dogged, and so are unable to remove the waste products (uric acid) from the system, pain is felt in the small of the back ; from a slight dis- comfort, to intense agony like a knife thrust in the back. She to3d thftn swiftly ami drflim Uy, tossing her head sad Mumping h*r foot tit the young mail's attempted dissuasion, finally they ohru Rged and. Mark's fiat wtu on the top floor, and hod a view oyer many roof* to the river. She danced about the studio, looking at his pictures, posing on the model throne, then breaking the pole and runrnxur to push the curtains bark from the high win- dows. iurrudiijc Nr« *** WORTH 2/6, THIS DOG BOOK IS FREE to Readers Would rvu Jltt k riv* Copy at sn M* tnifvi llc-ck, iri Tlr.g- fu L | par Llcular B of ■ i. MSrit Vl.r VN y DMKV" Vit TKl Y IS 1 s °' n C N£W LAUGHS it mm M Mnn«»id.nn*.ana mi-How. ( I V \ASSER: You pay a small deposit, then you make na piore pay- ments for six months, f l&T OF. Greet the morning with t i mm B rainwavesii A prise of 2/8 Is paid tnt each joke used. " "I'm not quite sure." said the otlier lady, "but I think it's Reminiscence." p TEST PUGILIST: Ever hud a black asel Second Ditto: Onlj on the end of my :'].: tstfi I* 4»»--Uil yoa ai-j U "us "— gel a willi CREAM^YEAST Y OD know old Bin. " "Yns." "Well, he yawned last nlflil an' broke hii arm." "Garn, Tain t pursaible," '"5'lact. and tell her — ten bar He lit a cigarette and threw bimftetf down on thr* window seat He closed his eyes, and la the darkness instantly saw her, danc- tng.

WHITE NOW I Everybody is icrlromc to ■ I irrife to thin page on any ■ J intereating topic. • i Address to which entries § J should be sent mag be found \ ■ at tap of page ii of thin issue. — mm I ARROGANT PARENTS Jy'OTWTTHSTAj NDINO the men who have died thai we might be free to express our own opinions, moflt young women, dependent upon their parenld, are forced to submit their own wifuicn to thoac of uicti parents, Vieltiii H a young acquaintance.

To neglect It is downright dangerous, as poisons will accumulate all over the body. Rheumatism, Painful Joints or Muscles and Urinary Disorders are further indica- tions of Faulty Kidney Action. cans* 1 it work* po fu M n« 'I rliw* away ao cspilr. While she did so he made coffee and toasted crumpets by the fire. Now, until your next engagement, will you come and pose for may" "But I dance- every day." she said seriously. even W I have, no encasement, A dnncer must never stop practising. Mark never knew what Tanl A wuuid do or say next There was the fft Rcuuk Uni E unexpected - netis of a clilid about her, and it wns » T.hoiiah shr tonk him by the hand ns he had taken her on Uiat Orst nlsht in the taie and dropped him out of Ixls bored adulthood uno her deiisht Jul child world Tin n nnc day Ahe danced into the s-tudio just at dns K her eyes like lamps in a frtce uowi Hi U-dly pale. amoking, on t he wmdow sea t, tired out aftrr a day's wrestling with an unsatisfactory study. Thlt rprulfl-r Dlffb Llv makiuife Kl Rla Uk grta Uf 111 tnp'm.a Uu ftk Ut frve frnj B vrtnil Fe. Kvrrj 41 1 J itw tier ftb UUltl llifr a df Ihll flrt M 1 pmirn J«JW ifj Jlt* National Library of Australia Snturdau. HENPECKED HUSBAND: Yen, there would—I'd be happier! the itirl'i fatltef, "yoo have boasted aev- •-'ral tlthea that you Ilavu all honored name." "Yea. "Well, may I Inquire whteh Bank It will lie honored at. " WOE: Ttlfy Itiust be ennaged Ttiat'a her fourth dance with him this evenuig. She: Doenn't itl You don't know how he danoaal KEY" MEN -in '37 The knowledge you have Rained: the background of your education; plus the thorough training of H & R can make you a "Key" man of Business . ACCOUNTANCY— SECRETARYSHIP — the career for YOU The Accountant-Secretary of any Com^sonv is a "Key" po3ifton. Then, suddenly, al- io nat without his own volition, he was switching on the lights- in the studio, stretching imprr on hi-i drawir LE-buurd, Utklng crayon. tillul lln j lfl ppiiy married or We are becoming a people happily unmarried, so that every whose motlo lis "nothing for girl should definitely take matri- mony into consideration— but tread very warily!

De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills have been specially compounded to meet and relieve all forms of Kidney Trouble. Shine your sink faster and save your hands * ..Bon Ami A high fmli.h on the lulrhrn nink and luniile that pl»v mft and vrliirr. She fiat cross-letnred on the floor to eat her supper, her dryira hair Bdnrably ruffled about her little determined face, and licked her buttery Angers with undisguised enjoyment. But/' nulckly, as ah* saw hl B dia- appomtmfnt, "I could come for a little time every day. and sneti tj the opportwittv which awaiti von — with H. Ft run all sides, from the eawl, the valla, the table, in countless pos- tures, Tanla watched him— Tanl H the serious young girl, Tarim the mlschievoiio child. *TVe got Ik" Mark did not go back to tbfl theatre thet night. , I ag Tee that Q girl unmarried la not the terrthle thing 50 many believe, and I conbldcr that there would be fewer divnrcaa and much lefts unhappmrsa If su Ih did not Just "many tor the ring," as Miss Morton says.

It v haidiy likely that those parents will "bother" to get the better class of Etction for their chlldren to read. What at tier definitions — or crlilclsms — haw readers to of Ter?

Add to thai trie determination to tnnlm this best of i-hinns And to tnake uso (if every opportunity Df service to our fellows and we will experience that setiae of helpfulness wliich may be lntf Tprclird ftfl happmew.

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