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Then Dave shows the Late City Final Edition of the same, fine publication. ••• desk chat: Dave cautions us that he's "this close" (fingers held ½ inch apart) to discontinuing tonight's broadcast. ••• Barack Obama apparently has someone in mind for Secretary of Commerce. / video: "Businessman Richard Parsons is being considered to be the next Secretary of Commerce. This has a similar photo of the living presidents, and you guessed it... (There's not much Worldwide Pants Incorporated likes better than pants jokes, is there, ladies and gentlemen?Parsons is best known for leading Time Warner, whose divisions include Time Warner Cable." (picture of a cable television installer's truck) "Parsons says he'll show up for his interview with Obama on Friday, sometime between 9 A. Well, maybe monkey and kitty and squirrel/nut jokes...

Reise Millionen Menschen lassen sich vom Bewertungsportal Tripadvisor auf die Reise schicken.

••• A guy fell out of a ski lift the other day, and he ended up hanging from it with his pants off.

Dave shows a picture of the unfortunate incident, then introduces that the victim, Dan Miller, who's with us at stage left. 1/08/09 [3045]: monologue: Sanjay Gupta jokes ••• "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" / 1.

/ video: "Fanetta": We're treated to some action scenes, wrecks and 'splosions, to the theme song of T. ••• outside cam to the CBS Store at 53rd and Broadway to visit with the salesperson on duty, Stanley Cronkite / Stan is one of those Johnny Dark impersonators.

Under his watch, there are some nice bargains on DVDs of this week's box office hits.

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